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Cap Cana is Closer to Santo Domingo City!


It is our pleasure to announce that from August 9, the Coral Highway is already inaugurated and open to the public. From now on, Cap Cana is just less than two hours away from Santo Domingo and 25 minutes away from Casa de Campo,  La Romana, a Paradise in the Dominican Republic…

This will allow you all to enjoy more of your second home, or simply visit the area more frequently. As always, we remind you that we are at your service and you can contact us for any assistance you might need.

Just to announce that it has created a rental program in order to organize your stay with all the details. Please contact us and we will take care of everything. Remember, Cap Cana is now much closer to all of you, and HMMG is available for whatever you need.


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Who we are?


We are aware of our real estate and Mission and Objectives, Generate Added Value to Customers by, business processes, technologies, innovative tools and a team of professionals focused on savings and solutions that the customer needs and as required. Provided from the wide experience and Networking Advisory Group and Parnerts HMMG in air is vital to the entertainment industry, luxury and hospitality.

We operate from our headquarters in Santo Domingo (Dominican Republic and Spain), and operate in the entire Caribbean area, where we provide services to large residential and tourist projects on the Caribbean and CenterAmerica; – to small and big projects and individual homes in paradisiac Cost. We focus our business towards Rent, Buy and Sell Hotels, Villas and Luxury Apartments and Residences of All Types. We have international presence in countries such as handling properties, Mexico, Belize, Costa Rica, Panama, Trinidad and Tobago, Aruba, St. Croix, Virgin Island, Martinique, Guadeloupe, Bermuda, Bahamas, Puerto Rico, and Dominican Republic.

We pride themselves coining Customer Values ​​and Associate benefit through having a complete and professional Corporate Structure with all services necessary for the development of new Treatment and counseling by a Team of Professionals Engaged, Ethical and Efficient, available to businesses and individuals. We there fore believe that more innovative solutions represent and measure constitutes the real added value that represents Having everything at Hand (Joint Vision).

Being the Above our Competitive Advantage – Making your service from the initial investment in land or structures Economics Luxurious but from convenient locations for development, Titles, Management, Purchase / sale and acquisition of both options for second home tourism, as small and large tourism projects Hoteliers. We deliver each property to Safety and Warranty a full service center if necessary!

We thank our international representation Parnerts business who provide us greater presence and mobility when to close the deals, through various partnerships and alliances that allow us to amplify our operations range to over 20 countries worldwide. “ALL HANDS TO REACH BECAUSE WE WANT TO BE WHERE YOU NEED…”

Hope to see you soon in the near future.



Franklin Peña Beras 
Managing Director                                                                                                                                                                                    Traders Intl. & Real Estate Partners



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