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15 Things to Consider while Making Facebook Marketing Strategy for Business

Posted: September 28, 2011 by Ashlesh in Social Media


With the growth in the number of Facebook members, it is definitely the right time to make Facebook marketing strategy a part of you social media marketing strategy.  It is quiet obvious that the most of your prospect or customers would now have a presence on Facebook.  This is one of the prior reasons why most businesses are thriving to have Facebook presence and engage with their customers in order to generate traffic and leads for their businesses.

Having this concept in mind, most businesses adopt Facebook marketing strategy to create their presence and engage their customers and to brand their products or services in a larger market. In order to get Facebook marketing strategy for business executed in the right direction, I have made an attempt to list below all things you must consider Facebook marketing best practices

Set up a Facebook page, not a profile A Facebook profile stands for an individual and a Facebook pages for businesses.  If you have a Facebook profile, it will enable you to create a page for your business. Facebook pages are specially built for Companies, Brands, Product or services, organizations, communities, local businesses etc. that will help you generate more fans.

Vanity URL – When you create a page, the page would have a long page URL with your page id on it.  Long URLs are hard to remember; so make it easy for your fans to remember you by having a vanity URL or username eg. My Facebook profile url:

Page Photo & Info – It is really important to have a page photo that would look nice on a thumbnail image since Facebook crops down the photo into a thumbnail that would be displayed right next to the post you make.  It is best to use your company logo and edit the page thumbnail image.  Fill out your page with the business information that is brief yet informative and engaging. I would advise to have some important keywords in the info page.

Custom Facebook Landing Page – A custom Facebook landing page or a “welcome page” showcases your business personality, gives the viewer an idea of what you are all about and gives you the power of branding your company. It can also help you to capture leads and engage more effectively with your targeted audience.

Let your Audience to Comment Most of the pages I see these days, don’t allow their audience to post a comment on their wall.  Enabling your network to post on your Facebook wall will make the page more engaging and create brand evangelism showcasing your brand to your potential visitors and fans.  Always appreciate the post made by your audience and if the information seems not right, guide them to the right directions with proof.

Automated Postings It is important to post content of human interest rather than to create a heap of information that will just remain on your wall. Automated posting can be useful but it can break your brand if they are not based on content-sharing best practices. Secondly, I would suggest you to be careful about the frequency of posting content. It is always good to post few high-quality content rather than more low-quality content and result in spamming.

Proofread your Content – Before posting the content, it is absolutely necessary to proofread your content to eliminate the grammatical & spelling errors.


Repetitive Posting One of the most common content marketing best practice is to avoid posting the same content over and over again. You can share your content in an innovative way offering newer information or knowledge by your post.  It is also a best practice to stop posting the same type of post again and again e.g. you must have a perfect blend of variety of types of post like adding content, sharing pictures/photos, videos, links etc.


Don’t SELL your Products/ServicesI have been telling a lot of my friends to stop selling and publicizing on Facebook.  You should not post content that is over promotion or talks only about your products or services.

Application Tabs – Application tabs add a special value to your Facebook page. But don’t mess up your page with too many tabs. Facebook only allows 8 tabs to be displayed at your page with a more button at the bottom but yet only add those tabs that really add valuable information to you page.

Many Admins – Avoid having too many admins to the page. Remember, Facebook allows one admin to remove another user admin even though you are the one who has created the page.  Be really careful while you give your admin to other users.  Facebook marketing strategy best practices defines to have one or atmost two user admins to manage the business page.

Monitoring – Monitoring is an important part of any business marketing strategy.  Even when it comes to Facebook marketing strategy, it is vital to monitor your content and page to newer changes as technology grows.  Besides, you should regularly log in, post content, respond to comments, try engaging with your prospects, share recent updates of your business etc. Daily activities on your Facebook page would encourage your visitors to keep coming back to your page. Secondly, it is important to monitor your page regularly in order to check spam on your page. Spam can damage your page and your first step after you have judged it as spam is to remove the post and user from your network.

Desperate for LIKES – I have seen people hosting contest, quiz or polls with prizes to get more “Likes”.  This is definitely not a good practice.  It makes you look desperate for “likes” and will not attract your target audience to like the page. Facebook marketing strategy for likes is very straight forward – post valuable high-quality unique content, converse with your audience, give them value addition and the “likes” will follow.

Promote your Facebook Page – Promote your Facebook page on your website, blogs, social networking sites, emails signatures,   etc.  Give your audience “like” or “share” buttons to share the content.

Facebook Insights – This is an integrated tool with your Facebook page that will help you refine your Facebook marketing strategy over a period of time.  This will help you answer questions like : “Is the page successful?” “Who is engaging with us?” “Are our engagements effective?” “Does the Facebook marketing strategy for business work?” “Are we engaging the right audience” etc.



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